League of Legends r.

PBE 11.2 – 5 stycznia – skórki Ruined i Shan Hai Scrolls; TFT: Festiwal Bestii (nowe Małe Legendy, wybuchy i areny)

Rozpoczynamy na PBE nowy cykl! Czas przetestować skórki Ruined i Shan Hai Scrolls i zagrać w nowe TFT.

Patch 11.2 – kiedy?

Patch 11.2 jest planowany na czwartek, 21 stycznia 2021 r.

Nowe skórki w patchu 11.2

Nowe skórki w patchu 11.2: Ruined Draven, Karma, Shyvana; Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath, Jhin, Nautilus, Neeko

Nowe ikony

Festival of Beasts Event Icon

LCS Made by Many Icon

Ikona za oglądanie rozgrywek LCS.

Master’s Challenge Season 7 Icon

Ikona za zdobycie top 2000 w chińskim wyzwaniu Master’s Challenge.

Is My Mic On? Icon

Ikona z dropów na Lolesports.com.

Nowe emotki


Master’s Challenge Season 7 Emote 1, Master’s Challenge Season 7 Emote 2

TFT Fates Stage 1

Awesome Sauce!

Crushed It!

Your Move

TFT – Festiwal Bestii

Nowe Małe Legendy

Dumpling Sprite

Filled with savory pork and flavorful shrimp, this little Dumpling Sprite is sure to be at your table this New Year. Wait, you thought they’re for eating? No! Are you insane?

Porcelain Bellswayer

Made from the finest porcelain, this ceramic heirloom proudly displays their beautiful craftsmanship for all to regard. If you’re lucky enough to win their favor, they brew you a cup of their magical tea.

Lunar Beast Choncc

Choncc’s love of tánghülu (糖葫芦) is matched only by his enjoyment of the hologram lion dances that parade the crowded streets of Lunar City during the Festival of Beasts.

Lunar Revel Choncc

Lunar Revel Choncc is best known for stealing Shisa’s ancient recipe for dumplings. Those who can get their hands on one are treated to a wonderful morsel of deliciousness.

Lunar Beast Furyhorn

A beast on the dance floor, this Furyhorn’s moves are some of the best in Lunar City. Unfortunately for the guests around them, tearing up the floor means tearing up the floor… literally.

Lunar Revel Furyhorn

People think this little Furyhorn is a menace, but they’re just misunderstood. All they want is to join in on the festivities and celebrate the New Year, but they’re scared off by firecrackers and bright red lanterns.

Lunar Beast Shisa

The slickest magical monkey around, Shisa is only afraid of one thing: a bad hair day.

Lunar Revel Shisa

Shisa’s been a part of the Lunar New Year celebration longer than anyone can remember. Part trickster, part warrior, this little monkey king is the cleverest of the bunch!

Ruined Featherknight



Club 2 Arena, Lunar City Arena

Lunar Revel Balcony, Lunar Revel Club Square, Lunar Revel Docks