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PBE 10.19 – 1 września – nowe skórki PsyOps, Championship, prestizowa edycja TD Yasuo; Samira

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Nowe skórki PsyOps

PsyOps Kayle

1350 RP

A self-described “savior” and powerful psionic swordswoman, Kayle views herself as an impartial judge in world affairs, appearing on wings powered by psychic energy as an angel of war. Her understanding of the world is black and white to a frightening extreme, and she has joined the paramilitary BRG to see her twisted vision realized.

PsyOps Pyke

1350 RP

PsyOps Viktor

1350 RP

PsyOps Zed

1350 RP

PsyOps Samira

Championship LeBlanc

True Damage Yasuo – edycja prestiżowa

100 Punktów Prestiżu

Nowe chromy

PsyOps Kayle

PsyOps Pyke

PsyOps Samira

PsyOps Viktor

PsyOps Zed

Championship LeBlanc

Nowe ikony


Nowe emotki

Championship 2020 Ward

Pliki Clasha

Bannery Worlds 2020

Trofea Worlds 2020

Teamfight Tactics: Losy

Teamfight Tactics: nowe wybuchy


Nowe areny

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