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PBE 9.24 – 27 listopada – nowy plik lootu: Sett’s Calling Card, biografie skórek Nightbringer i Dawnbringer

Tym razem nieco mniejsza aktualizacja PBE.

Zobacz poprzednie aktualizacje PBE w cyklu 9.24:


Dodano nowy, tajemniczy plik: Sett’s Calling Card. Ma być możliwy do otworzenia 14 stycznia 2020 r., godz. 20.00.

“Gained by impressing Sett”.

Night & Dawn 2019 Orb

  • Zawiera losowy odłamek skórki.
  • Szansa na Night & Dawn 2019 Jackpot, gemstone lub permanentną mityczną skórkę.
  • Szansa na wypadnięcie gemstone’a lub skórki mitycznej jest 1,5-krotnie zwiększona.
  • Szansa na Jackpot została zwiększona z 4% do 8% (porównując z poprzednimi eventami).

Night & Dawn 2019 Jackpot

  • Zawiera jeden odłamek skórki za minimum 975 RP.

Biografie skórek

Hextech Swain

The hextech artificer known as Jericho Swain is an almost legendary figure among Piltover’s growing upper crust. Though he professes not to meddle in city affairs, he has been quietly integrating various hextech components into his own body… and with them, unparalleled access to the eyes and ears of thousands of artificial creatures.

Dawnbringer Soraka

A child of the gods born when chaos slew order, Soraka contains within her the powers of both Riven and Yasuo. To end the conflict of the gods, she has embraced the light to pierce the darkness, drawing on the powers of dawn to bring order to the chaotic world.

Dawnbringer Karma

Charged with governing the cosmic cycles of death and rebirth, Karma fights to protect the wellspring of souls as they journey to reincarnation. More so than the other cosmic beings, she cares for the mortal souls she shepherds, striving to create a more structured world.

Dawnbringer Nidalee

Nidalee rules over the restorative calm of the natural world, guarding the land’s remaining peaceful places. She fights to protect the land and living things, bringing light and order to the mortal creatures under her care, even taking the form of a celestial beast.

Nightbringer Soraka

A child of the gods born when chaos slew order, Soraka contains within her the powers of both Riven and Yasuo. To end the conflict of the gods, she has embraced the darkness to soothe the blinding light, drawing on the powers of night to create chaos and change in a too-static world.

Nightbringer Lee Sin

Lee Sin thrives in the heat of combat. An embodiment of passion and fury, he rules over the raw, chaotic emotions of the heart. While his siblings fight for various ideals, Lee Sin fights for the thrill of battle itself, striking with power and unpredictability.

Nightbringer Vladimir

The chaotic king of the night, Vladimir exists as the personification of uncertainty and revelry. He thrives in the unknown shadows, feeding on the life essence and darkness found in mortal hearts.

Nightbringer Aphelios

Separated at primordial birth, Aphelios, a fiend of chaos, and Alune, an archoness of order, were created as enemies. Yet, drawn each night to wander by shared visions of the moon, they found each other. Abandoning their natures, they struggle to show creation that darkness can shine, even as other divinities endlessly war…

Sugar Rush Braum

No one knows how Braum manages to never get candy stuck in his majestic mustache. Everyone knows how the great defender stands stalwart for everyone, from the smallest gumdrop to the strongest candy king.

Sugar Rush Evelynn

In a world where every tooth is sweet, Evelyn’s sugary bite is deadly.

Sugar Rush Ziggs

The famed Gumball Grenadier, Ziggs, bursts across Candy Kingdom! Everyone knows to enjoy his colorful explosions… from a safe distance.

Sugar Rush Zilean

For most denizens of Candy Kingdom, there’s never enough time to eat all the sweets. For Zilean, there’s never enough candy to fill all the time.

Bloodstone Lissandra

Once a powerful sorceress who sought absolute control over her followers, Lissandra transformed into something altogether different when she finally found the hallowed Bloodstone. The magic she drew from it drove her to slay those who once tended to her every whim. To this day she wanders in search of more mortals to sacrifice to her newfound source of power.

Bloodstone Taric

Considered to be the most handsome and cunning acolyte of his Bloodstone cult, Taric seized power after the former leader took to the hunt. Now fully in control of his Bloodstone artifact, he uses his powers to maintain his youth and beauty at all costs– even if it means getting his hands a little bloody.

Blood Lord Vladimir

Former leader of a Bloodstone cult, Vladimir took part in a ritual that sacrificed his humanity– along with the blood of several victims– to transform the once foppish noble into a terror of the night. To satiate his sanguine cravings, he stalks the urban labyrinth in search of hapless prey.

Blood Knight Hecarim

A zealous sycophant to his order, Hecarim unquestioningly serves the will of the Bloodstone. While less subtle than his masters would like, he is nonetheless effective in his purpose of executing enemies in a grisly fashion.

Bloodfury Renekton

This blood-crazed killing machine scours the battlefield to sate the Bloodstone. The more he slays, the more he fuels his powers. This in turn feeds his frenzy, creating a never ending cycle of spilt viscera and gore.

Pirate Ryze

In another world and time, when the stress of preventing another Rune War was just too much, Ryze left behind his previous life to terrorize the high seas of Runeterra! With his trusty cannon on his back, and magic coursing through his veins like gold through his fingers, Pirate Ryze warps from ship to ship and coast to coast, taking what he will.

Bilgewater Katarina

To outsiders, the politics of Bilgewater seem a mean mess of villainous scum and dishonorable thieves. But woven throughout are complex loyalties, solemn codes of honor, and a very specific (if bloody) way of doing things. Cutting through it all is Katarina, a master of the blade. She silences the right tongues at all the right moments… for the right price.

Kingpin Twitch

Many in Bilgewater get called a filthy rat, but none deserve the title more than the Kingpin himself. While other crime bosses in the port city may loathe to get their hands dirty, Twitch revels in wading into the filth himself– crossbow in hand, and a finely aged egg in his pocket.

Bilgerat Rumble

When the burdens of invention weigh too heavy on a young yordle’s shoulders, there’s no better choice than to take to the seas! Nothing like plunderin’ and maraudin’ to lend Rumble a new lease on life as he terrorizes the coasts.

Buccaneer Tristana

Gunners ahoy! Tristana leaps onto the high seas, sailing for new adventures beyond the Bandle borders. The hat’s borrowed (stolen) from a pirate she blasted, and the eyepatch is purely for show. But her take-no-prisoner attitude and trusty cannon gun have sunk more ships than most captains in Bilgewater.

Teamfight Tactics


  • Wzmocnione obrażenia sojusznika zwiększone z 25/45/65 do 25/45/75.