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PBE 10.23 – 27 października – nowe skórki, nagrody rankingowe: ikony, ward za spotkanie riotera

Rozpoczynamy nowy cykl PBE!

Nowe skórki

Nowe skórki w patchu 10.23: modele, splash arty, ceny, chromy


Nagrody za Clasha

Nagrody rankingowe


Małe Legendy


Channeling Evelynn’s dramatic edge has this Squink feeling its ALL OUT fantasy.


Evelynn’s fierce energy has galvanized this easily-frightened Squink to adopt her look in hopes it can gain some of her confidence.

K/DA ALL OUT Furyhorn

Kai’Sa’s new look inspires this Furyhorn to show off not only its strength but its style.


This quiet Furyhorn loves Kai’Sa’s precise and expressive dance moves and hopes it can be as polished as she is one day.

K/DA ALL OUT Lightcharger

From Seraphine’s long beautiful mane to her moving music, this Lightcharger loves everything about the newest K/DA collaborator. But as it defends the world from eternal darkness, it appreciates Seraphine’s unwavering optimism most of all.

K/DA POP/STARS Lightcharger

This Lightcharger has always dreamed about what Seraphine would have looked like if she was in POP/STARS – so it turned its dream into reality!

K/DA ALL OUT Featherknight

This Knight’s newly inspired by Akali’s fresh beats, and is determined to bring her energy to its performance. Even if its choreography is slightly more waddley.

K/DA POP/STARS Featherknight

Akali’s fierce originality has captivated this Little Legend. Now that it’s snagged its idol’s signature hat, nothing can stand in the way of its dream: to be the first Featherknight to shine onstage for an audience.


K/DA ALL OUT Hushtail

This Hushtail will follow Ahri in whatever form she takes on. Glowing with the group’s recent success, it’s ready to slay.


This Hushtail feels a special kinship with Ahri, and has morphed itself into the colors of her iconic POP/STARS outfit. Its dream is to follow K/DA around on tour.

Nowe wardy

Riot Fist Bump

This ward was granted to players who met a Rioter.




  • Zmieniono efekt: na początku walki Keeperzy zapewniają sobie i wszystkim pobliskim sojusznikom tarczę. Tarcza jest o 50% silniejsza dla Keeperów.
    • 2 jednostki: tarcza o wartości 175, czas trwania: 8 sekund.
    • 4 jednostki: tarcza o wartości 250, 10 sekund.
    • 6 jednostek: tarcza o wartości 400, 15 sekund.


  • 6 jednostek: moc zaklęć zwiększona z 40 do 45.


Xin Zhao

  • Zmieniono zaklęcie. Nowe zaklęcie: Xin Zhao tnie dookoła siebie, zadając pobliskim wrogom obrażenia w wysokości 200% AD. Na resztę walki otrzymuje 25 pancerza i odporności na magię.