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PBE 9.23 – 7 listopada – zmiany Edge of Night, Sanguine Blade, Umbral Blade i Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Na PBE trwają testy kolejnych zmian przedsezonowych.

Zobacz poprzednie aktualizacje PBE w cyklu 9.23:

Nowe linie skórek na PBE

Dodano nowe linie skórek:

  • Cops and Robbers:
    • Captain Volibear,
    • Constable Trundle,
  • Crimson Elite:
    • Crimson Elite Talon,
    • Crimson Elite Riven,
  • Dreadknights:
    • Dreadknight Garen,
    • Dreadknight Nasus.

Biografie skórek

Pulsefire Thresh

As head of the Remembrancers, Thresh usually remains behind the scenes pulling the chains of time rather than stepping into the stream himself. Yet recent events have caused him to leave his temporal citadel, bringing his pulsefire lantern to bear.

Victorious Aatrox

Victorious Aatrox was awarded to players who reached Gold or higher in the 2019 season. With arm and sword sculpted from crystal quartz, he stands as a monument to all who wish to achieve greatness.

Captain Volibear

For Volibear’s years of service on the Force, he was awarded the honorary title of Captain. For his utter incompetence in the field, it was made certain he would remain on desk duty for the rest of his career. Even so, he and Constable Trundle always end up patrolling the streets with mountains of paperwork left in their wake.

Constable Trundle

Constable Trundle’s definition of keeping the peace translates to barking insults at jaywalkers, haphazardly placing cones in the street, and perhaps worst of all, plundering doughnuts from all the local bakeries. Needless to say, this behavior results in some very stern browbeatings from Piltover Yard.

Dreadknight Nasus

Dreadknight Nasus serves as keeper of the forgotten texts deep within the catacombs of his Master’s labyrinthine library. It is said that within lies the secret of the Dreadknights’ undoing, but no living soul has yet verified whether this is truth or fable.

Dreadknight Garen

Once a valiant hero, Dreadknight Garen fell to the promise of power great enough to save his land. Now, twisted by the corrupting magic of his Master, he commands the frozen legions in their march upon the living. Only desolation remains in his wake.

Crimson Elite Talon

The Crimson Elite cannot confirm or deny the existence of the agent known as Talon. The bloody trail left behind him serves as a sinister warning to all. Perhaps more disconcerting are the hundreds of undocumented cases that remain undiscovered.

Crimson Elite Riven

Though officially listed as killed in action, the rogue operative with the broken blade harbors no regrets for abandoning her comrades in their most dire moment. A turncoat become mercenary, she operates in the outer limits of civil society, lending her blade to the highest bidder.

Zmiany balansu


Edge of Night

  • AD zmniejszone z 55 do 50.
  • Lethality ponownie jest unikalnym pasywem.

Sanguine Blade

  • Lethality zmniejszone z 18 do 10.
  • Unikalny pasyw – Unquenched: teraz daje też 8 lethality, kiedy w pobliżu znajduje się widoczny wrogi bohater.

Umbral Glaive

  • Zmieniono nazwę z Umbral Blade.
  • Lethality jest teraz unikalnym pasywem.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

  • Unikalne użycie teraz pozwala na poruszanie się przez jednostki.