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PBE 9.17 – 20 sierpnia – Teamfight Tactics: zmiany Brawlerów, Yordli, Rangerów, Nobli i postaci

Na PBE trafiły planowane zmiany postaci i zmiany TFT.

Zobacz poprzednie aktualizacje w cyklu 9.17:

Biografie skórek

Dodano biografie skórek do linii Full Metal.

Elderwood Veigar

A small number of the Elderwood’s children remain largely unaffected by the growing influence of the Coven, to the relief of scholars and storytellers alike. Unfortunately, those particular children are some of the most whimsical and dangerous, including among their number the insane goblin Veigar and his cursed, hallucinogenic toadstools.

Elderwood Ahri

Fables of the trickster spirit Ahri have been part of mankind’s history for countless generations. Fair-skinned and eternally youthful, she is portrayed as a curious, quizzical member of the Elderwood’s feyfolk… though in recent years her heart has hardened, as she fights a growing corruption within her ancestral home.

Elderwood Nocturne

The great corpses of the Old Gods fed the land, and in time even the Elderwood would come to grow over their putrid rot – hiding it, perhaps, for a time. But the Gods never truly died and, with the resurgence of the Coven, one has risen again – Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare.

Infernal Varus

The Infernal Varus rips massive gouts of magma from the foundation of the earth, before firing them in volleys at those who would fight back against him. Each arrow lands with the ferocity of an exploding volcano, reducing all resistance to ash.

Full Metal Pantheon

A former Full Metal Robot Fighting League champion (2x reign, 14 title defenses), Pantheon was forced to retire in disgrace after a scandal involving Targon Fabrications. Reemerging from retirement to face the chosen champion, Jayce, Pantheon may be damaged, but has found that revenge adequately charges his weapon systems.

Infernal Galio

A black-hearted monstrosity leading the hellish Infernal hordes, Galio is titanic even by the standards of his fiery kin. His steps melt the very bedrock beneath him, swallowing entire armies without so much as a second thought.

Infernal Shen

An Infernal warrior risen from the raging depths of the underworld, Shen appears on battlefields in the blink of an eye, shielding his fellow titans from even the most well-organized resistance.

Full Metal Jayce

Backed by RiotCorp as the Full Metal Fighting League’s first corporately sanctioned champion, Jayce has dethroned Pantheon and won the hearts of audiences worldwide – especially those who realize they gain 15 Riot Points every time they cheer his cyclonic blasts.

Full Machine Viktor

Created from the same circuitry as the Full Metal champion, Jayce, Viktor was cast into the tunnels beneath the robot fighting arenas to serve as a janitoribot – while his twin was groomed for glory, simulcast en español. Upgrading himself with the cast-offs of the destroyed, he has sworn la venganza.

Full Metal Rammus

Those who make it to the Full Metal Robot Fighting League – the premier institution for gear-crunching, robot-on-robot violence – must often face off against the fearsome Full Metal Rammus. It is an initial rite of passage, faced by every contender-bot, that leaves entire arenas in tremors…

Elderwood Veigar

Dodano plik chromy Rainbow:

Poprawiono ikonę:

Zmiany balansu

Szczegóły zmian w patchu 9.17



  • Starfire Spellblade (E)
    • Przelicznik AP obrażeń pasywnych zmniejszony z 30% do 25%.

Teamfight Tactics

Klasy i pochodzenia


  • Maksymalne zdrowie zmniejszone z 300/600/1000 do 250/500/900.


  • Szansa na unik zwiększona z 30/55% do 35/60%.


  • Szansa na podwojenie prędkości ataku zwiększona z 25/65% do 35/70%.


  • Uzdrowienie zmniejszone z 30 do 25 (w porównaniu z serwerami live: z 35 do 25).



  • Obrażenia umiejętności zmienione z 250/600/950 na 300/600/900.


  • AD umiejętności zwiększone z 30/60/90 do 50/100/150.


  • Prędkość ataku umiejętności zmniejszona z 75/100/125% do 60/80/100%.


  • Czas trwania spowolnienia z umiejętności zmniejszony z 5/8/11 sekund do 5/7/9 sekund.


  • Czas trwania niewrażliwości z umiejętności zmniejszony z 2/3/4 sekund do 2/2,5/3 sekund.


  • Obrażenia umiejętności zmienione z 150/250/350 na 100/225/350.


  • Obrażenia umiejętności zmienione z 200/325/450 na 175/300/425.