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PBE 10.10 – 28 kwietnia – zawartość Pulsefire (skórki, ikony, ward)

Rozpoczynamy cykl 9.10. Pierwsza aktualizacja PBE przed nami!

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Pulsefire Ekko

Pulsefire Pantheon

Pulsefire Lucian

A dedicated chrono-enforcer, Lucian joined the Remembrancers when he lost his wife, Senna, in an errant Praetorian attack. Now, he searches for her while bringing justice to the reckless time travelers who would cavalierly tear holes in space-time.

Pulsefire Lucian – edycja prestiżowa

Through his work in bringing their opponents to justice, Lucian earned the personal attention and gratitude of Thresh, leader of the Remembrancers. Armed with special modifications to his Pulsefire suit, Lucian embarks on his relentless pursuit across timelines. Through it all, however, he can’t shake the feeling that this upgrade isn’t all it seems…

Pulsefire Fiora


Pulsefire Ekko

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Pulsefire Pantheon

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Pulsefire Fiora

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Ikony z okazji obchodów Międzynarodowego Dnia Przeciw Homofobii, Transfobii i Bifobii (17 maja):

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2020 Pulsefire Ward

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