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PBE 10.6 – 5 marca – poprawki skórek Taric Luminshield i Dark Star Mordekaiser, biografie nowych skinów

Na PBE trafiła aktualizacja wprowadzająca zawartość związaną z nowymi skórkami.

Poprzednie aktualizacje PBE w cyklu 10.6:

Rework Fiddlesticksa – teaser

Zapowiedź reworku Fiddlesticksa na PBE. Tajemniczy plik z modelem bohatera

Taric Luminshield – poprawki

Poprawiono efekty skórki, aby były wyraźniejsze.

Dark Star Mordekaiser – poprawki

Teraz w ulcie widoczne są planety, a nie skały.

Biografie skórek

Twitch Shadowfoot

An extremely aggravating presence both in-game and at the table, Twitch Shadowfoot is the adorable Rift Quest counterpart to the actual Twitch, who is insane. Unsurprisingly, the cuddly rat-man rogue spends nearly every turn stealing his companions’ equipment, mumbling of a vast conspiracy to overthrow him from his ‘toilet kingdom’.

Taric Luminshield

A battle cleric who has to simultaneously tank and heal for a pair of bumbling rogues, Taric Luminshield may be the only thing keeping his table from a total party wipe. In-universe he’s a devout warrior of the Divine Goddess Targonius, but out of universe he’d rather be in a different campaign.

Talon Blackwood

The sworn brother of Twitch Shadowfoot, dashing assassin extraordinaire Talon Blackwood is one half of an infamous underworld duo and the only advanced class in the entire party. He’s also a brooding dark elf antihero with a tragic backstory, who is fated to one day save the world! Probably.

Dark Star Malphite

The remnants of a once lush and enormous exo-planet, the Dark Star consumed and reformed the broken cluster of planetary debris into a twisted consciousness, ever pulling others into its orbit, and unleashing oblivion upon all who cross its path.

Dark Star Mordekaiser

Once a member of the Cosmic Court, Mordekaiser vanished from known space for an epoch– until now. Reborn and returned from an unknown destruction, Mordekaiser seems bent on unmaking the kingdoms of stars and light he once built. Though he still bears his Cosmic armor, the mind and figure within has been twisted and reforged to know only hatred and destruction.

Dark Star Xerath

As the Dark Star continued on its path across space, it passed through a vibrant system orbiting a supergiant star. Consuming all life and light as it passed , the Dark Star twisted the supergiant into a wrathful corruptant. Thus, Xerath was born– a dark being of malice and annihilation.

Dark Cosmic Lux

Once the right hand of Queen Ashe, Lux embraced the darkness in her heart, answering the mad call of the Dark Star. Finally seeing the truth, she rejects the Cosmic Court, instead serving her own dark ambition to quiet the banal noise of creation. For she now knows her true fate– to reign as Queen of a Dark Court, and rightful master of the Dark Star.

Cosmic Lux

The right hand of Queen Ashe, Lux weaves celestial constellations, bringing order to a universe drifting towards entropy. When the Dark Star began corrupting members of the Cosmic Court, Lux stepped forward to confront Thresh. Yet she harbors a terrible secret– a shard of darkness that has always lived within her heart, whispering temptations…

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