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PBE 10.22 – 19 października – ramki do skórek K/DA ALL OUT

Na PBE trafiła kolejna zawartość związana ze skórkami K/DA ALL OUT.

Poprzednie aktualizacje w cyklu 10.22 PBE:

K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn

Dodano nowy splash art skórki:

Ramki do skórek K/DA ALL OUT

Dodano specjalne ramki do skórek K/DA ALL OUT. Poniżej znajdują się ramki dla postaci poza Evelynn (ta jest widoczna wyżej):

Biografie skórek K/DA ALL OUT


When Ahri steps onto the stage to perform with K/DA, she knows she’s surrounded by the best of the best—different girls with different personalities, all at the top of their craft. As their leader and as their friend, Ahri is poised to guide these divas to even greater heights and leave their audiences breathless for more.

K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn

With a single devastating glance, Evelynn can ensure that all eyes are on her—when she wants them to be. K/DA’s success has ensured that this provocative diva’s name will be on everyone’s lips, but Evelynn is intent that her killer fashion sense will keep it there.


Fresh off her success with True Damage, Akali hits the stage full-throttle with her bold edge and fresh new direction. She spits fire with a mic in hand and pushes the band to the bleeding edge, because that’s what the baddest do.


After showcasing her flawless dance techniques world-wide, Kai’sa is ready to apply her legendary discipline and focus to all aspects of her life as a performing artist. She’s still not sure who she’ll be when she steps forward to shine as herself, but she’s looking forward to the challenge of finding out.

Zmiany balansu

Nerfy i buffy w patchu 10.22


  • Five Point Strike (Q)
    • Koszt energii zmniejszony ze 120/115/110/105/100 do 120/110/100/90/80.


  • Volley (W)
    • Liczba wystrzeliwanych strzał zmieniona z 9 na 7/8/9/10/11 (zależnie od poziomu).



  • Przywrócono efekt do funkcjonalności z serwerów live.
    • 4 jednostki: tarcza zwiększona z 250 do 300.
    • 6 jednostek: tarcza zwiększona z 400 do 600.