League of Legends r.

Nowe skórki w patchu 10.21: splash arty, modele, ceny

Prezentacja wszystkich skórek w patchu 10.21.

Data publikacji: 29.09.2020 r.
Aktualizacja: 6.10.2020 r. (dodano splash arty Sivir i Fizza)

Patch 10.21 – kiedy?

Patch 10.21 jest planowany na środę, 14 października 2020 r.

Skórki Odyssey

Odyssey Kha’Zix

1350 RP

A member of an elite bounty hunting organization, Kha’zix is cold, ruthless and always gets the job done. Though hired by Karma to track down the missing templars, she doesn’t realize that Kha’zix is a double agent secretly working for Aatrox to bring Karma to him.

Odyssey Aatrox

1350 RP

Aatrox is a violent and notorious crime lord whose name is feared throughout the criminal underworld. He is also disfigured by Ora abuse. Seeking to purge the substance from his body, he abducts Templars to extract it… and kills them when they are unable to do so. He has seized a number of high ranking Templar priests in order to draw out Karma, who he believes will finally heal him.

Odyssey Sivir

1350 RP

Sivir runs her own small bounty hunting operation on the fringes of the galaxy. She’s self-made and tough, having lost her parents to the Demaxian empire many years prior, but holds on to her soft and sympathetic side despite that hardened exterior. Sivir was hired by Karma, along with the other mercs, to free the captured templars.

Odyssey Twisted Fate

1350 RP

A space smuggler erroneously known for discretion, as well as his impractically famous ship, The Wildcard, Twisted Fate was hired by Karma to free some templars from some space pirates. He has only just begun to notice that the other mercs on the job are better known for wetwork than simple heists…

Odyssey Karma

1350 RP

A High Priestess of the Templar Order, Karma has hired a group of offworld mercenaries to free a number of captured templars from the grip of Aatrox, an infamous and powerful crime lord. She has taken a more interventionist stance towards the rest of the universe following the loss and transformation of her former lover, Zed.

Skórki z okazji Harrowing

Pumpkin Prince Amumu

1350 RP

A lonely lad and prince of the patch, Amumu watches year after year as his people are decimated by possums and rowdy teenagers.

Little Devil Fizz

1350 RP

Sea’s a dwelling place for demons.

Bewitching Elise

1350 RP

A witch of some renown, Elise is widely feared by trick-or-treaters after that whole “human-sized cocoons” incident.

Hextech Kassadin

10 gemstone’ów

Engrossed in his work to the point of near-obsession, Kassadin vanished for some time into the bowels of his labyrinthian workshop, disappearing from public life for years. When he emerged, he revealed a shocking hextech innovation to the world: his own body, fully integrated with the technology he so loved.